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Message from Dubai

We got a message for all of you from Mr Abdul Samad:

“I am a Pakistani National and living in Dubai, I was first diagnosed MDS in May 2010 after my bone marrow aspiration test which was done in American Hospital Dubai but my Doctor in American Hospital requested me I should go to my home country and do the repeat test there because the preferred treatment of MDS is bone Marrow Transplant.

Therefore I went to Karachi-Pakistan in the month of August 2010 and have done the repeat test of bone marrow aspiration and again it was diagnosed MDS, however my Doctor in Karachi have requested me to get the test of my siblings (brothers and sister ) who can be my possible match related donors for bone marrow transplant but unfortunately non of them were matched. Since their was no matched from my siblings my Doctor informed me to go outside Karachi-Pakistan because match unrelated transplants are not done in that country also they don’t have any bone marrow registry, therefore I return back to Dubai and tried to find the Hospital in UAE who can assist me for matched unrelated transplant but once again this treatment is also not done here in (United Arab Emirates).

Later i have start contacting hospitals who does matched unrelated transplant in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa and Thailand. But unfortunately some hospitals in these  countries don’t allow this treatment for non-residents and some were not replying my queries. Therefore I was helpless even though I was suffering from this disease and no one their to assist me where to go.

In December I have contacted and they were very kind to send me the name of Hospitals who does match unrelated transplant and in the month of March 2012 I have traveled to India and have met few Doctors but some Doctors were not sure if this treatment is done in India and some were  only performing matched related transplant but luckily I have met Dr.Dharma Choudhary in BLK Super Specialty Hospital- New Dlehi who does matched unrelated transplant and after finding the donor with your help I am going to India end of this week for the treatment.

Once I back to Dubai after my treatment I will definitely encourage my family, friends and relative to become the donor and also If I will get the chance I will meet the Doctors in Pakistan and will inform them my experience and will request them to please forward my contact information to those who are looking for matched unrelated transplant  treatment which is not available in Pakistan so that I can assist those patients to get their treatment so that they should not suffer what I have. Also if I will get the chance I will open first bone marrrow registry in Pakistan.

I myself and my whole family is very thankful to the whole team of DKMS who were very helpful with my Doctor Dharma Choudhary in order to find the donor for me in very short time. Also if possible please pass my special thanks to the donor who is giving me a new life.”

One comment on “Message from Dubai

  1. Mohammad Mohsin Meraj Khan on said:

    Assalam o walaikum,

    I am Dr mohammad Mohsin Meraj Khan working at Department of cardiology of Dr B. L Kapur Hospital, Delhi. I have read about your successful story of matched unrelated bone marrow transplant on my hospital website . it is great achievement in your life to get treated for MDS. i wish you further fast future recovery and Ramadan mubarak.

    ready to help if anything needed, my email :

    Allah hafiz

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